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Judy in Arizona writes:

SUBJECT: 11/13/03 Judy has had a shoulder injury, Dr. wants to operate.

RESULT: 11/13/03 "WOW" "Well, I had some strange sensations... First I got two sharp pains in my heart and than on the shin of my left leg. Then I smelled a fragrance that I had never smelled before. It came and went all through the half hour. I got real cold and then there was like a breeze that went over me. With my eyes closed I saw a big yellow sun surrounded in sherbet green. My shoulder feels good right now. My migraine, that was on the right side of my head, is very light. I do feel very restful.." ~Judy

UPDATE: 2/6/04 "I am showing my horses again and have not needed the surgery. Thank you again for all you have done". Judy

Kathy in Santa Rosa, CA writes about her brother, Mat

SUBJECT: 11/16/05 "My brother Mat has been admitted to ICU with pneumonia, lung infection and now kidney failure." I knew when you came into our shop there would be a reason for us meeting. I found your card and am writing to ask for you to help my brother." ~Kathy

RESULT: 11/26/05 "Hi Rosemary! Good news! He has been off the respirator/ventilator for 24+ hours! He is tired from the amount of work it takes for each breath, and is still taking in both nasal and mask oxygen but able to talk, just a bit since it is exhausting as well. He had no idea that he has been out for 2 weeks, did not know or remember any visits, helicopter ride or anything. I let him know that he is having dialysis treatments daily and hopefully it will be temporary. Yesterday he had his first taste of food and spoons of ice chips and water. He had pulled out his feeding tube the past 2 days prior so Dr. warned him that if he does not get some food intake it would be back to the tube and he said "no way". So he is back to his old self in some aspects and I had to warn him to take it slow and not rush things. The one thing that he said to me was "Boy somebody gave me another chance" and I said that he probably has had at least 3 times in the past 2 weeks that he has been given another chance. Our whole family is so thankful. I told him he had received a Reiki treatment from a friend of mine and explained what that was. I am very thankful to you Rosemary, very thankful. You have given me the hope and peace of mind to get through this, you are an incredible person and I feel blessed to have met you when I did. We still have a long road of recovery ahead and will continue to be busy but I feel alot lighter without the emotional load on myself. I will keep in touch. Sincerely, Kathy Gandt"

UPDATE: 11/30/05 "I called him about 10:30 am and he said he had a dream last night that his body was back to normal and this morning he ate more than ever! He said he feels GREAT! He looked forward to physical therapy today. He has had a few sessions but they are trying to get him up and walking and he is so weak that it is going to be sloooowwww. I am going up after work so I will let you know how it goes, oh - by the way - he was excited today because he was able to blow his nose for the first time! ha,ha. Take care, Kathy."

Deborah in Palmetto, GA writes:

SUBJECT: 6/12/05 "I am presently studying Reiki, and find that I am in need of mental focus and to be able to open my mind to attain a better degree of attunement and spiritual growth. (I could also really use some self-confidence.) On the physical plane, I've been having short-term pain in my feet in the morning. It goes away after walking around a bit. There's been some transient tendon pain in my neck, shoulders and hips-- from over-working in the garden.

RESULT: 6/13/05 "Dear Rosemary, I felt that my first Reiki healing session a while ago went very well. When I began to feel some pains in the area between my heart chakra and my solar plexus, I wondered if I had a heretofore undiagnosed heart ailment, which I didn't believe was the case. So I was very puzzled, until I received your explanation today... which was right on the money. To this day, I retain an extremely early (pre-verbal even) impression/memory of "volunteering" to come and be born into my family. It has proved to be a very difficult family, but now I have more understanding as to why I agreed. I'll let you know later on about my progress with this. (I also did experience the loss you spoke of, referring to the intellect's input. It was very traumatic and left a strong resonance in my life.)After the sensations in my midsection stopped, I felt small pains with a kind of moving energy vortex-feeling in one shoulder, which had been bothering me all morning, no matter how much I stretched. The shoulder had been giving me pain all the way up until the session started. After the session, it was if I had never had any pain there at all. That alone told me in no uncertain terms that long-distance Reiki works! My spirit feels so much lighter now... it's wonderful! You have a beautiful gift. It makes me hope to be able to touch others with healing in the near future. Peace, Love and Light to you! " ~Deborah

UPDATE: 6/29/05 "I've had you on my mind to write and update you on how things are going since the Reiki healing. The biggest (noticeable) improvement seems to be in my physical energy level. I've always had a fair amount of energy, but now I seem to be able to go non-stop for 18-20 hours, day after day, without feeling tired. Considering I'm past the "half-century" mark, that's not too bad! I'm also experiencing a feeling of balance in all aspects of my life. I've been hitting a few "bumps in the road", but they seem to be pointing out things to me that need to be rectified. I'm able to look at things a lot more calmly and clearly, and with a general feeling of universal love. As you may remember, I'm continuing my Reiki studies. I've now had a little bit of success with healing. My cats and dogs seem very responsive to it, and I've used Reiki on my husband. For the past few days I've been thinking more and more about requesting another session with you. You had so much work to do for me with the large energy blockage during the last one. Don't know why, but I keep thinking my chakras need a clearing tuneup. Anything else that you come across that needs attention, I'll be truly grateful for it. I'm sure I'm on the right path with Reiki. It has already been a very large blessing in my life! ~Deborah"

UPDATE:6/30/05 "I want you to know that I was drawn back to your website before I contacted you, by a sweetness of spirit. It came shining through in the testimonials of the different people, many writing on behalf of their 4-legged friends. I have often tried to give others encouragement and a hand-up in their lives, but I have to say that what you have done for me, as an instrument of God, through Reiki, has had profound and major impact in my life. I now feel like I've been "let out of the box", so to speak. The old patterns are dissipating, and I suspect that this is just the beginning! ~Deb"

Carolyn in Agua Dulce, CA writes:

SUBJECT: 3/17/05 "I would like some treatment for my left wrist which is swollen and extremely painful without any explanation (no apparent injury).

RESULT: 3/18/05 "Thank you. That was wonderful. I actually felt vibrations of energy all around my hand and wrist during the treatment. I do have more movement in my wrist this morning and the swelling is less, but it is still painful." ~Carolyn

UPDATE: 3/30/05 "Just wanted to let you know that my wrist is almost completely healed. Thank you, Carolyn"

Rocio writes from Nova Scotia about her daughter, Neria

SUBJECT: 3/14/04 "Our 13 yr old daughter Nerea has been affected by mercury poisoning; she suffers from absence seizures. She has not gone longer than 4 or 5 days without a seizure, sometimes two in one day. Can you please work on her."

RESULT: 3/26/04 "Nerea is doing much better now, she has not had any seizures in 13 days!" ~Rocio

Judy in British Columbia writes:

SUBJECT: "I am currently taking a six week intensive Mental Health Program and am under the care of doctors. So that part of me is in good hands. However, I have always felt a very strong connection to some other place and have had some 'different' experiences i.e., astral travel etc.
I am currently attending a Mental Health Day Program and to give you a little more information, my husband has asked for a divorce and my sister died in December. My soul is very bruised and battered and my centre is off. I need to reconnect to my higher power. My family has never been very spiritual, but I had some wonderful experiences." ~Judy

UPDATE: "Well as you can see its been quite some time since we last 'communicated'. I must commend you! I do not believe that I am fully 'healed', and since our last session I have lost my father-in-law, who was the father I never had. What a time. The storm has passed and I am that I am. Very pleasing I must admit. I have come out of the other end much wiser, kinder, gentle, loving and foregiving. The last of which surprised me. Never thought I could. I would not undo all that I did, was done to, and experienced, although I sure had some tough talks with my 'soul' and with God. He has been very good to me. My anguish over my sister's death has passed and I now celebrate the times we spent together. Right now I am celebrating my life, I feel it is necessary to take some down time, and enjoy going out dancing, singing, skipping along the sea shore, and being at one with nature. My soul needs this time out to heal. I want to thank you so much, it was like you had reached out across the thousands of miles, and actually touched me. I must dance in the sun light, swim in the sparkling water, laugh at the young birds experiencing all of their "firsts", and generally let life sink in again. I have not fooled myself into believing I am on track, but at least I can now see them, thanks to your words of wisdom and encouragement. With much respect, I remain Yours truly, Judy"

Lee in Rockville, MD writes:

SUBJECT: 01/16/05 “I have been feeling very tired, a lot lately...and sleeping a lot..which makes me get down on myself for being unproductive and guilty for not exercising...then I get depressed and anxious from something else. It must be on an unconscious level...What do you think?”

RESULT: 01/18/05 “Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday...The session was great! I felt very relaxed and had some odd childhood memories surface...and did feel your presence there. The most distinctive thing that occurred was a "musty" odor that immediately took me back to an early child hood memory....I was crying and could see the sun shine through the basement window...I had a really good day today. Felt great and had manifestations in the physical world of things I've wanted...almost like magic...Oh, and the point of the session...I felt happy all day, not ecstatic, but very content...and not sleepy at all! Thank you again, and I'm sure I will want to do this again soon....Lee"

Pam in Arizona writes:

SUBJECT: 02/10/04 "I have two small tumors near my spine in the proximity of the last four discs of my lower back, and 3 herniated discs."

RESULT: 02/11/04: "What a pleasant experience! I began to feel calm, however my hands and feet became heavy. I felt a presence in the room. Soon I began to feel a slightly warm feeling in the lower portion of my back. I also felt a throbbing in my left leg. I didn't tell you that I have a pinched sciatic nerve that runs down my entire left leg. This has been caused from three herniated discs in my back, and was the reason I initially went in for an MRI; which exposed the two tumors. I felt very refreshed, similar to the feeling one has after a short nap."

UPDATE: 2/12/04 "I have had the best day yet. Hardly any pain at all! You've made a believer out of me. I must admit at first I was a bit of a doubting Thomas. My pain seems to be diminished and easily tolerable." ~Pam

UPDATE: 2/27/04 "I truly feel that you have done wonders for my back pain. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I'm eager to see the results on my next MRI. I have good feelings that the tumors will be smaller. You're terrific!!! ~Pam"

Harriet writes from Potsdam, PA:

SUBJECT: 7/02/05 "Several months ago, I noticed some strange things on my right breast nipple, some peeling, burning. A biopsy revealed cysts-Now two months later, there is a very sensitive (painful area) around the nipple, but I can't see or feel anything. Then I found I had several issues with my back creating extreme pain down my hip. Really difficult time, I thought it was going to be quite disabling...had trouble walking, bending, etc. However, the weird problem I am having at the moment is this: I start getting an 'awareness of weakness or heavy sensation down both arms, (with some tingling in the fingers) followed by radiating tightness or pain starting from the center of my back going up to my neck area, corresponding around the identical location in the front (right under the breastbone). No other symptoms. Lasts for a minute or two, then disappears. I have thought of angina, gallbladder, or muscle spasm. At any rate, I wonder if you have a sense of what that is. Haven't mentioned it to my family, because they will all urge me to go the 'traditional route' which I will do IF I can't get it healed 'my way.'" ~Harriet

RESULT: 7/04/05 "I experienced something powerful, let me elaborate. I did see a lot of light, green with yellow tint, blue, whitish blue, dark blue-black. The strongest sensation was in my hands. I had them face down for most of the session. They felt either 'heavy' or I was experiencing 'weightlessness" - hard to tell, but they were tingling and I noticed a strong pulsation in both hands. (Like waves of energy)??? Finally, (with difficulty) I turned them over, and experienced the same thing. I sensed that you were also telling me not to think and that all would be well. At one point, I briefly saw a most beautiful face, eyes closed, creamy skin, and flowing black hair? I knew when to open my eyes because, suddenly, my hands felt 'normal." It was kind of wild. My awareness of physical symptoms at the moment are in my breast and heart. I have to say that during the session, something interesting occurred in my subconscious mind...that I had no fear..I simply let go. That was strong for me.
Back to you as things progress. Thanks soooo much. ~Hugs, Harriet"

UPDATE: 7/11/05 "I COULDN'T WAIT TO TELL YOU. WHEN I AWOKE THIS AM---MY BREAST PAIN WAS ALMOST GONE, and I don't mean just the right nipple. Should I pinch myself...first time in my life...and with fibrocystic breast disease, nonwithstanding!!! GRRRReat!!! In all honesty, Rosemary, you are a step above most healers I know. Truly. And what makes you even more special is that you are modest too. A great combination. Not motivated by money...that's special all by itself." ~Harriet

Michael in Pennsyvania writes about his father:

SUBJECT: "My father suffers from cancer, heart problems (2 heart attacks) and diabetis, his circulation is soo poor in his legs that his feet are turning blue. Please help him."

RESULT: "On my fathers last visit to the doctor his tumors had shrunk significantly. Please continue your great work, we are very positive about his full recovery." Thank you, Michael (Pennsylvania)

Marina in Argentina writes:

SUBJECT: 02/08/04 "I'm back from the hospital. I'm in a lot of pain, but I hope this will be the end of it. They took out two cysts in my right ovary, a hernia, some scar tissue, adhesions and a lot of endometriosis."

RESULT: 02/09/04 "After last night the pain is been better!!!!!! (I have a lot of it)...What a relief!!!! my right side and my bladder where killing me but today is better. I just walked a little bit. Thank you, Marina"

UPDATE: 02/12/04 "Dear Rosemary, I'm writing you to let you know that I'm doing better, I'm walking now, and to thank you because I believe you have helped me a lot."~Marina

Pamela in Toronto, Ontario writes:

SUBJECT: 10/30/04 "I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 6 years very severely, with persistent neurological problems and pain (wheelchair bound for 4 years). I have also experienced much loss and grief in the past few months which has dealt me a considerable setback."

RESULT: 11/04/04 "Many,thanks for your generous Reiki giving. I felt a warm sensation throughout my body and immediately became relaxed. What I find really interesting is your perception of trauma to the left side of my body. This has always been my weaker side, kidney stones and the worst of the neurological symptoms from my head to my foot."

UPDATE: 11/10/04 "I have experienced greater energy than ever, esp. considering the time of the month for me (PMS) when I am usually much more tired. I also have been feeling much more positive and have been processing events of my recent trauma more calmly. So, all in all, a huge thank you! My Mum was so impressed, also noticing my increased strength and energy, that she has offered to pay for a couple of more sessions with you. I am delighted." Love and light, Pamela

UPDATE: 11/18/04 "Many thanks for the Reiki you gave to me today. I do feel more and more understanding and settled within. I could feel immediately when the energy you were sending started and the exact moment it finished. Also, I felt a deep shift happen in my consciousness where I 'dropped' a few levels - something similar to what happens when I do Transcendental Meditation - it felt deeply relaxing and immensely good. So I thank you again Rosemary - I appreciate so much your work. Since our last session, two weeks ago, I have had much greater and sustaining energy - which is marvellous. Love and light to you, Pamela"

Carl in New Jersey writes:

SUBJECT: 12/12/03 "I am home on leave from the army for two weeks, my symptoms are very similar to the flu, but with an emphasis on the lungs because that is where the primary infection is."

RESULT: 12/16/03 "I very much appreciate your efforts and have been feeling a bit more like myself lately. My symptoms are noticeably better, as well as my inner feelings of confusion and despair towards the illness. I'm certain I have reiki to thank for a great deal of my recovery so far. Thanks again for all you've done. I won't forget you, I am now headed for Iraq." ~Carl

Mick in Fremont, CA writes:

SUBJECT: 4/29/05 "I've been healing gradually over the last several years from a lifelong depression brought on by compounded psychological trauma. My hope is to free myself of some deep blockages that have held me back spiritually and emotionally from physical and emotional chilhood abuse. By seventeen I had become a genuine seeker, but joined what I didn't recognize as a phoney cult. The brainwashing, coupled with what turned out to be several years of intentional psychological abuse directed at me by the 'guru' and his hatchet men, created a traumatic disconnect by the time I was able to get completely away from them and join the army at 32. Unfortunately, I carried on a course after that, which was self-destructive, to the extreme, in an unguided effort to get to the bottom of what had happened to me. There's a lot of damage to repair now, and building up of strength to do, if I ever hope to free myself once and for all from the past and find my true path again." ~Mick

RESULT: 05/09/05 "The session was a comfortable one with mild sensations of heat in my hands and feet for some reason. Over the course of the last week, much of the anxiety from rehashing the past trauma seems to have really lifted. I don't think the 'ties that bind' with this guru are going to be much of a problem anymore. Interesting that you had some resistance about challenging those energies. Admittedly my 'guru' was, and is, heavy handed when he feels threatened somehow. Interesting note is that the removal of the 'blockage' released a tremedous amount of energy in my lower chakras 'I mean A LOT.' My sense is that things will find a new balance after a short time. Thanks again, Mick"

UPDATE 05/12/05 "Thanks again for your assistance. I'm feeling increasingly free of the past and the guru. Stronger each day. :-) You've helped a lot. I'd like to request two seperate sessions for my girlfriend. We've been
together for two years and are planning to get married later this year.

Julie in Canada writes:

SUBJECT: 06/17/04 "...obsessive compulsive disorder...I have lots of nervous tics and disturbing compulsions from extreme childhood abuse"

RESULT: 06/20/04 "Thank you for the session! It`s relaxing and my obsessive thoughts are less persistent and less scary! I feel more positive and more self-confident." Thanks again for your help!!! Love and light, Julie xox

SESSION 2: 06/26/04 "I became very relaxed during the session and fell asleep. I feel more secure and less alone and scared. I want to thank you for helping me! God bless you dear Rosemary. I`d like to schedule for next week for sure." ~Julie

Theresa in San Francisco, CA writes:

SUBJECT: "I broke my arm in an auto accident and it was put in a cast. It has been over six weeks and hurts constantly. I also also hurt my knee and have had a pain in my side for weeks. The doctor said he will have to operate."

RESULT: "I was laying down and I felt pinches on my arm. All of the pain is gone, in my arm, knee and side." Thank you so much, Love Theresa
"I went to the doctor today and he said he does not have to operate. I am soo happy, it was going to be very dangerous because of my age. Thank you! ~Theresa"

Anne in Ohio writes:

SUBJECT: 07/05/04 "Pain and discomfort lower back, knees, liver and digestive disorders for over 10 years."

RESULT: 07/09/04 "I felt a warmth and also a tingly feeling. When I got up I felt good. I have been able to rest better at night. If I wake up I can go back to sleep and not toss and turn. I feel more at peace. I have not been hurting like before. I feel better on the right side where my liver is. I would like to schedule another session. Thank You ever so much." Anne

Jeanette in Ramona, CA writes:

"Part of my emotional wound is growing up feeling I didn't belong and having my voice not heard and feeling stifled. Now I am in a marriage with a husband who grew up with similar issues. I don't want to be stifled again. I can't waste anymore time, and don't want to stunt my own growth. We will go to therapy together next week and see if our goals in life are compatible. I just recognize the seed of fear is clamoring at my door. I do wish to heal these emotional wounds so that I may continue my journey in life as healer and be of service to others."

RESULT: 01/06/05 "Thank you :) I felt lots of things: a wave from my right sweeping over to my left with a rainbow like image, I felt at some point my body in some sort of vortex ... hard to explain..., at times cold and warm and tingles; I felt this weight across my chest, my heart beat faster in the beginning too, at another point my arms jolted and I saw rings of light in my forehead, and at the end I experienced pain on the right side of my neck and it was associated with a kind of the middle of the session I went into that state of half awake-half asleep, and the time flew by....."

UPDATE: 01/08/05 "I just read your message and wanted to give you a hug. It all made sense. You are right on. I know I will need to read and reread your message often so that deep understanding may occur and healing take place. Thank you for your sincere and heart-felt response."

UPDATE: 01/13/05 "My life has once again changed! Everything is shifting and transforming. I do see clearer with my heart. My marriage has grown as well. I was really scared to own up to my heart's feelings but when I did and when I thought everything would be shot to pieces, I learned that God's love is ever so amazing and marvelous. I am humbled. Now I understand better what you meant about intent and healing and the heart. And, I am more comfortable with Reiki because it truly is a gift from the universe. Thanks a million! Love, Jeannette"

Mike in Tujunga, CA writes:

SUBJECT: 01/18/05 "...anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. I also have swelling behind my left knee. I injured it originally when I was 11 or 12 but over time it has become worse. I've had 2 surgeries on it, and about a year ago it became swollen on the back side behind the knee and hasn't gone down. I was told I might need to have another surgery."

RESULT: 01/18/05 "Rosemary, thanks for the session. Here's what I experienced: Prior to starting I was in a poor mental state of mind, but I laid down approximately 5 minutes prior to the start time. As soon as it started I felt a little relaxed and some warmth come over me. I saw the color green in my mind and then purple. I then felt very relaxed and had the sensation that some pressure was being taken off of my torso area. It scared me for a second and then felt very pleasant, like I was rid of something or it was easier to breathe. I also felt some burning in my knee but nothing too uncomfortable. I was extremely tired afterwards and ended up napping for an hour! I now feel calm and relaxed. I would love to hear about what you saw and what it all means. I would also like to schedule my next appointment. Thanks again, Mike"

UPDATE 5/4/05 "I feel happier today, not out of the woods yet, but happier. I am getting stronger emotionally but I still have a lot of attention on where this life is taking me and what steps I need to take in order to find that happiness I once had. Until next week, take care and thank you so much." ~Mike

OM in Carmel, CA writes

SUBJECT: "Long standing love relationship which has been causing me feelings of jealousy and rejection for many years."

RESULT: "I didn't feel any pain, and went into a bit of a trance. At one point I sort of sprang alert when an image popped into my head of a purple flower on a rock, with water flowing out of it." ~OM

Barbara from Pasadena, CA writes

SUBJECT: "I may have pneumonia or pleurisy, the doctors are not sure. I have pain under my ribs on the left side and my back. It is worse with exertion. Some days my energy is drained. I have had this condition for three weeks now. "

RESULT: "I felt better after you worked on me last time, I would like to schedule a second session for some sharp pains in my stomach area about 2 inches above the navel, and anemia."

Rosemary, "Once again, you're right on the money. After you were done I felt almost normal. (I love that!) I appreciate your help in my healing process. Take care and have a great weekend." ~Barbara