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Distance Healing is the transmission of the Reiki energy to a person or animal without the Reiki practitioner being physically present. Distance healing is used when a person or animal is in need of healing but cannot visit a Reiki Practitioner. Since the Reiki is not limited by time, space or distance the one receiving the energy and the Reiki Practitioner can be half a world away from one another and the Reiki is just as effective. The healing energy channeled is as strong as that experienced during a personal visit.

A Distance Healing session is at a prearranged time and takes approximately 30 minutes. During this time I ask that:

-If you are receiving the treatment, that you get comfortable and quiet during the time of the session. Do not cross your arms or legs for the half hour.

-If your animal companion is receiving the treatment, then I ask you provide the animals name, diagnosis and a photo if possible. No specific place or position is necessary.

After the session is completed I can send you an email with whatever information I gleaned during the session.

At no time do we recommend using only Reiki for healing. You should always get a doctor or veterinary diagnosis and medical treatment. However, we find that Reiki can and has cured illness and helped with healing after medical treatment.

If you would like to schedule a session for you or your animal companion, please go to contact.

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