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Deborah from Palmetto, GA writes about her friend, Sugar

SUBJECT: Hello again Rosemary-- I've been thinking about getting a Reiki energy adjustment from you again, but when I got to your website, it seemed like the better idea would be to get some help from you for our dog, Sugar. She's pretty old, I found her abandoned at a local grocery store about 5 years ago. She has a very large growth on her right hip and one seems to be starting up on her side. She's a little unsteady walking also. I can tell you that there have been a lot of positive changes in me since I had the healing from you a year ago. I believe that I'm much more centered and calm now. Look forward to hearing from you!

RESULT: Hi Rosemary-- I just wanted to get an email to you and let you know how things are going with Sugar since you did the Reiki for her. Her large cyst/tumor still looks about the same, but the smaller one has all but disappeared. Her walking is steadier now, too. The most marked difference is in Sugar's zest for life, which has greatly improved. She has been playing quite a bit with our 6 month-old puppy! My neighbor brought it to my attention that the cataracts in her eyes have gone away. She seems to be smiling with her eyes more, too.  Thanks so much for your help with Sugar.

Judith in Yuma, AZ writes about her dog, Rebate

SUBJECT: 11/23/03 "Rebate is 16 and riddled with tumors. His owner was going to have him put to sleep today. He could not stand up and eat without falling over."

RESULT: 11/26/03 "Just had to tell you.. Bob and Pam went for a trail ride today on their horses. They said the strangest thing happened. Rebate went with them! He hasn't gone with the horses in years. It was funny, I looked at them and said ROSEMARY! My sister wants you to do a session with her now... Seriously! "

UPDATE: 11/05/04 "Well, it has been one year since I spoke with you. Rebate is still with us and getting around fine, just thought you would like to know. ~Rebates Happy Owner"

UPDATE 2/22/05 "You did wonders on Rebate.. He is still hanging around.. follows me around when I clean pens. I marvel at his new lease on life."

Lisa in Marin, CA writes about her dog, Arielle

SUBJECT: 09/02/04 "I just returned from the cardiologist who said Arielle has a severe mitral valve prolapse. In the sonogram you could see the prolapsed valve and the blood pouring back through the valve. She was not very positive about the prognosis. Last night Arielle had a bad night. Her breathing was up around 60 breaths a minute (for dogs, 10 to 30 breaths is normal). She is on Lasix, a diuretic, to clear the fluid out of the lungs, but it doesn't seem to be working very well. Her appetite is down and she is thin. She is the love of my life, I would like to help her as much as I can."

RESULT: 09/15/04 "Dear Rosemary, I just wanted to tell you that Arielle is doing MUCH better. She has both her energy and her appetite back. I took Arielle and Lily (my other whippet) to the park yesterday and Arielle actually ran and romped! She hasn't done that in several weeks. She seems really happy and perky—the spark in her eyes is back. Her breathing is settling into the 20's (per minute). which is within normal range. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the healings and advice. Much love and many blessings, Lisa."

UPDATE: 10/11/04 "This is good news! Arielle is doing very well. She has gained 1.4 pounds! Her appetite is very good, and 28.4 pounds is a very normal, good weight for a whippet. Her breathing is much better. I took Arielle and her sister Lily for hikes on Saturday and Sunday, and as always, I let Arielle set the pace. Her pace was actually normal! Usually when we go for walks it is extremely slow; I have to tell myself, “This is a walking meditation,” so I don't mind the slowness. But she was keeping a good pace this weekend. There are a couple of uphill segments on our hike, and she didn't seem to need time to recover (although I made us stop, just in case). She seemed super happy and perky. Thank you ever so much for your help with Arielle; she really is doing well. I am very grateful. ~Lisa"

Linda writes about Loafer, her dog

SUBJECT: 02/09/05 "Loafer, is a Saint Bernard age 8. He's had arthritis in his front elbows and ankles for about 4 years. I've noticed for the past few months that he's had trouble getting up, but attributed that to the arthritis in his front legs. However, this morning HE COULD NOT GET UP AT ALL! I kept encouraging him, and he finally was able to get up, but kept shifting his weight from one hind leg to the other and finally laid back down, whimpering. My husband is out of town. Loafer weighs about 170 lbs. I cannot lift him to get him into the car to take him to the vet. With my personal experience in relief from pain using Reiki, I just know that Reiki will help him. Thank you sooooo much for anything that you can do."

RESULT: 02/10/05 "Rosemary, thank you so much for helping Loafer. He was slightly better last night after your treatment. I was able to back my car up to a ledge and walk Loafer directly into the back of my car. I took him to my local vet and left him, so they could run tests, including an x-ray and blood work. They found that his arthritis is progressing and is now in his spine and his hips. Since taking him to the vet this morning, he has continued to improve, with no meds from the vet. They said he was able to get up on his own and was walking, very stifly, up and down the hallway. Vet wants to put him on meds tomorrow after the blood work comes back. I'd really rather not have him on meds, but don't want him to suffer either.~Linda"

UPDATE: 02/14/05 "Dear Rosemary, well, Saturday morning Loafer got up in one fluid movement---slow, but fluid, and walked and then trotted back to the barn with me. He was wagging his tail and looking ever soooo much better. What a HUGE difference!!! You are incredible -- or Reiki is, I should say! How can I ever thank you? By this morning he was acting almost completely normal, jumping a little bit and barking at me as I'm getting ready to go out to the horses. GOD BLESS YOU for what you do!! Sincerely, thank you! ~Linda"

UPDATE: 02/15/05 "Thank you so very much for your kind letter! Now I have tears in my eyes!!!!! This morning Loafer actually ran back to the barn!!!! My local vet finally called me yesterday!! to tell me the results of the blood work and say that he wanted to put Loafer on some very strong anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. I told him how Loafer was and what I had done and that I didn't want to put him on drugs. He was "silent." Unbelievable!! One day, maybe, allopathic types will catch on that, given the right environment (energy and nutrition!), the body can do wonders at healing itself! I'm sooo very thankful that through my disgust and utter disappointment with conventional medicine that I have been able to find such wonderful, caring people as yourself. God is truly GREAT! Thank you again so very much!"

UPDATE 3/17/05
"Loafer is acting like a puppy, I also want to thank you for working on my best friend Carolyn, she could not believe the difference in her wrist after your treatment. ~Linda."

Barbara and LaDonna in Dallas, TX write about Rosy, their dog

SUBJECT: 8/20/05"Our Rosy has been diagnosed with mass cell tumors throughout her body and has been given approximately one week to live. We would like for you to perform a healing session for her as soon as possible. Rosy is a rescue and is approximately 7 years old. Rosy is in pain and is extremely uncomfortable. This is her 3rd bout with the tumors – has undergone 2 surgeries at two different times. We elected not to put her through a 3rd surgery. We consulted a homeopathic veterinarian about 2 months and thought the remedies were helping, but unfortunately, I don't think we caught her in time. She has 3 major tumors on her left back hip. This morning at the vets, x-rays showed the tumors had spread to her lymph gland and were causing various blockages around her colon and pressing on her bladder. Blood work showed infection." Thank you so much Rosemary. ~Barbara and LaDonna"

RESULT: 8/22/05 "Thank you for your session yesterday. Rosy is on Tramadol, given to us by the vet on Saturday to ease her pain…so it's hard to tell if she is in less pain due to the pills or from your session. I will say this; she seemed to rally yesterday somewhat. But, last night was not good. Breathing was shallow and we were pretty sure the end was near. Now, this morning is a different story. She seems to be more alert. Ate, with my help, eliminated in the yard and has been lying in her spot all morning. We wanted to ask you if you would be able to do another session on her “today”.

RESULT: 8/23/05 "Rosy is doing so much better today. She seems to be more alert, less bloated, even walks around (a little) - These last couple of days she wouldn't even do that. Her breathing does not seem to be as shallow. Rosemary, it's a good day for her."

UPDATE: 8/28/05 "Let me tell you about Rosy today. I took her to our traditional vet on Thursday morning for a follow up. The vet said that our goal now was to keep her comfortable. For the last two mornings Rosy and I have gone for a little walk in the front. Yesterday morning I took Rosy in the front and she began walking the route we take to the park. She trotted on a head of me sniffing and peeing here and there. She was doing so well, I let her continue to the park, it is not too very far. She sniffed some more, greeted a dog that was in it's back yard and home we went. This morning was pretty much a replay of yesterday. She is not the sick dog I thought I was going to lose last week end. We have a room for the dogs and they have their own beds, last night was the first night she wanted to sleep in her bed and not in the bed we made for her in our room. I am cautious with her, try to not over do and at the same time give her some of her life pleasures. You are a good woman, Rosemary, blessings to you and all that you have, all that you are. Truly, Barb"

UPDATE: 9/1/05 "Good Morning Rosemary, Rosy is doing wonderful. We have gone for our full walks these past two days. The walks are about a mile. Her energy level keeps improving, and her body functions appear to be back to normal. She is happy once again, wagging, being excited about her walks and her ears perk up when we pass other dogs in their yards. She is alert and follows me from room to room, and sleeps in her own bed. The tumors are her leg appear to have shrunk in size and she is not licking at them or seem to be as bothered by them. Her coat is the best I have seen it for a long time. We are so grateful to have our Rosy back. A few of my friends came by the house to see her when she was so sick, to say good-bye, now they come by and are amazed by her. She got her toe nails cut today, two weeks ago I did not think we would be doing any more grooming for her. Thank you for your work. She is our miracle pet. Truly, Barb"

Laurie in Kenosha, WI writes about Spike, her dog:

SUBJECT: 10/02/05 “Spike has bone cancer in his right shoulder and it has spread to his lymph nodes. He limps very badly and seems to be in pain.  The vet has told us there is nothing that can be done and to give him pain pills to keep him comfortable. He doesn't think he will live longer than 2 months."

10/31/05 "Rosemary, I'm so darn happy to let you know that Spike had no noticeable limp in his right should today!!! Tom is so guarded with what he tells me, but even he sounded optimistic. It sure seems to be a good thing. We will be looking forward to see what tomorrow brings. Bless you dear lady!"

1/03/05 "Wanted to wish you a happy new year and let you know that Spike has been doing real well. There were a few days that he wasn't feeling good but whatever it was seems to have passed. Thank God and You!"

Laurie in Wisconsin writes about her dog, Coty

SUBJECT: 11/28/05 Hi Rosemary, I had our dinner yesterday and actually it was an awful day. My little Coty, 5lb teacup poodle, had to be rushed to the animal emergency. He's still there. They think maybe he has tylenol poisoning. I don't know if someone dropped something, or what. Can you check on Coty please? His red blood cell count has dropped very low and his blood is the color of chocolate. He's probably 1/4 larger in body size. ~Laurie"

RESULT: 11/30/05 They let me pick Coty up and bring him home last night. He got out of bed last nite to follow me into the kitchen while I warmed his dinner. Thanks for everything. ~Laurie & Coty"

Dawn in Modesto, CA writes about Betty Boop, her dog

SUBJECT: 01/16/05 "First puppy I want to help, is a longcoated, Black and White, Chihuahua puppy girl that I call "Betty Boop". She had what I think is a severe vaccine reaction, with status seizures and is still quite debilitated. I've saved her so far, with Noni Juice, red wine (to stop the seizures) , and olive leaf.... She is very weak tho, and probably has some lasting seizure activity and damage."

RESULT: 01/17/05 "Betty Boop improved quite a bit last night after you worked on her"

UPDATE: 01/19/05 "We think the seizures are healed. She's eating and drinking on her own, the first time in over a week. Thanks so much.~Dawn"

David in CT writes about his dog, Blackie

SUBJECT: 12/31/03 "My dog Blackie was currently diagnosed with anemia and lymph node cancer".

RESULT: 12/31/03 "Blackie is more responsive. She seemed slightly more up tonight even enciting some rough housing for the first time in a few weeks. I think this is a good sign."

UPDATE: 04/06/04 "Just wanted to update you; Blackie and I are doing good. Her energy level and appetite are stronger than ever, and she's doing quite well. Thanks again for your help.~David"

UPDATE: 5/30/05 "Hello Rosemary, At the beginning of 2004, I had contacted you regarding Blackie, my black lab who had recently been diagnosed with lymph node cancer. She was put on lasix soon after and showed some improvement. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your assistance, and also to tell you that nearly 18 months after she was diagnosed (and given only about 3 months to live) she is still alive and well. A recent visit to the vet confirmed that the cancer seems to have pretty much disappeared from her neck, and she has no detectable lumps anywhere. While we believe the medication made a little difference, it was not a cancer therapy (according to the vet) and cannot account for this miraculous recovery. This week she will be 11 years old and I am very grateful to you for helping that to happen. I would like to make a donation to your practice for your time and efforts. Thank you again, David Sheehan"

Paul in Lincoln Park, MI writes about Buster, his dog

SUBJECT: 06/28/05 "Hello, I am interested in a healing session for my dog, Buster. He is a 7 year old boxer suffering from lymphoma. We have tried conventional drugs (chemotherapy) which ultimately failed. Since then we have tried to treat him naturally, but I fear he is beginning to decline. I know there are no guarantees, but please let me know if you think you might be able to help. He is my sweet, special boy. I love him so much. Thank you, Paul"

UPDATE: 06/29/06 "Dear Rosemary, Thank you again for your wonderful work. Buster just ate dinner, something he hasn't done in two days, so I'm very encouraged. I'll keep you updated, and I'm probably going to want to schedule more sessions. I've paid you through Paypal. I'll be in touch. Thank you, again. God bless, Paul"

Connie in Sebastopol, CA writes about her dog, Fiona

SUBJECT: 1/02/05 "Our golden retreiver, Fiona 13, has a tumor, and is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday a.m. The tumor is fast growing. She is in pain and the tumor abscessed and is open. She needs help going in and outside. We have to keep her from licking the wound with bandages or a collar. She isn't walking around much, so her leg muscles aren't getting the exercise they need. She is truely a sweet, loving soul, one of the few loves of my life."

RESULT: 1/2/05 "Thank you for your quick response. Just a couple of minutes ago she got up and walked over to me (pushed the ornament boxes aside) and wagged her tail! I thought she was thanking me for the yummy breakfast, but maybe she was picking up on your work and communicating to me."

UPDATE: 1/03/05 "Just wanted to let you know that this morning, when Fiona went outside, she came back up the stairs without help. She hasn't done that since they took the biopsy over a week ago. My husband has been having to hoist her up the stairs. So, yes, I'd say she is doing a lot better than before. Thanks, Connie"

UPDATE: 1/05/05 "Fiona pulled through the operation with no emergencies. They had to excise a lot, but said all her vitals were good. They phoned and said she's sitting up already. She'll be there overnight, then we'll bring her home." ~Connie

UPDATE: 2/22/05 "So far Fiona is doing well. I know she's an old lady, but I can tell she is not in discomfort. She is enjoying life again. I'm very careful with what I feed her and I'm just glad to have her with us right now. Thank you for working with her!" ~Connie

Sue writes about her dog, Indiana

SUBJECT: 03/03/05 "Indiana is experiencing weakness and pain in her hind quarters. It's becoming very difficult for her to get up unassisted and she slips if walking on tile or other hard services. In other words, carpet, grass, gravel are best for her at this point." ~Sue

RESULT: 03/04/05 "Well, we did notice some improvement in Indy last night. I had school and didn't get home until after 10PM, but she greeted me at the door with her tail wagging. She definitely seemed to be moving a bit better. And my husband noticed the difference too."

UPDATE: 03/14/05 "We do notice improvement. She's getting up easier and is walking a bit better. Still walking with a hind leg "swagger" but she really is moving better and more, which is a good thing! " ~Sue

UPDATE: 03/16/05 "Just a quick update - we took Indy to the park yesterday evening and she was able to walk around and seemed to enjoy being out."

Peter in Surrey, UK writes about Jasper, his dog

SUBJECT: 12/05/04 "Jasper has developed what the vets have called Vestibular Syndrome (an ear infection), which affects his balance and climbing stairs going out in the dark for walks. Jasper also suffers from Seizures-Epilepsy, could you help this too. He has been unwell for 3 weeks now and the vets have given him a 6 week course of antibiotics of which he is half way through."

RESULT: 12/09/04 "We have noticed a change in Jasper mainly in his energy levels and character - more like his old self, he is also sleeping very calmly at night. Now he is a bit better in the dark and he plays and eats well too." Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: 01/10/05 "I have paid for another session for Jasper, he is in good spirts generally and enjoys his food and walks well in the daylight. He is responding, we feel, to your sessions, and this time would like you to maybe work on keeping his ear infection and balance under control." ~Peter

Utaka in Los Angeles, CA writes regarding her dog, Oscar

SUBJECT: 04/30/05 "I would like to receive the distant healing session for my pet Oscar. I have received many reiki and distant healing sessions for myself before and am pretty much comfortable with its protocol. The problem is about one of my dogs Oscar. I have two Chihuahuas, Mifi, the mother,is about 3 years and Oscar(son)is about 2 years old. Mifi is always a sweet and gentle dog. Oscar is more wild and aggressive. He is sensitive and needy. He barks unnecessarily and I am very frustrated with his behavior like messing around my bed room. I trained him in the same way I trained Mifi, but it doesn't work for him. I want him to be a more obedient and responsive dog. I hope he will change in a good way with your healing session."

RESULT: 05/03/05 "Hi Rosemary, I am seeing the changes in Oscar. First, He doesn't look so nervous and is showing me a lot more affection. Second, I haven't heard Oscar barking for 2 days when I was staying at home with them. I think it's working for him. I have been watching him and making sure that he is improving. Thank you so much for your work... I will update you more about Oscar." Love, Utaka

Mary in Edisto Island, SC writes about her dog, Ed

SUBJECT: 03/15/05 "My whippet Ed is between 12 and 13 years of age. He began having heart problems last May. He has lump on his hip that is growing and he has bouts of diarrhea. He does not look or act like he is 12 or 13 though since he was put on blood pressure medicine he doesn't run anymore. He had surgery for fibrosarcoma 6 years ago. I am hoping you night be able to help him."

UPDATE: 05/05/05 "Hi Rosemary, You have worked on my whippet Ed, whose heart seems to be fine, he is very perky. Now I need your help with Rusty, our 11 year old shepherd collie mix who suddenly developed heart problems. They drew off 250 cc's of fluid from around the heart today. It may be a tumor but we don't know yet. My husband loves this dog more than anything in the world. Can you try to help? It would mean so much. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Mary"

"The Cytology report came back late yesterday. The specialist called to talk about it. It didn't necessarily help any. She said sometimes the fluid tells you what type of tumor and sometimes not, in this case not. It did rule out one kind of cancer--a really fast growing lymphoma. She still suspects it is a primary cardiac tumor. She wants him to be really quiet to keep his blood pressure down and she wants to see him Tuesday and do another ultrasound." ~Mary

UPDATE: 5/06/05 "Thank you for thinking of him and working on him. You are such a neat lady--would so love to meet you. Did you get his picture? He was sick the first night home and seems better now. Wants his food and full of love. Love, Mary"

Shelly writes about Whoopie, her dog

SUBJECT: 03/17/05 "Whoopie is a female whippet. She's recovering from a surgery she had yesterday to remove a growth from her jawbone. Over the summer she had a canine tooth removed and the dentist put in a jawbone implant. She recently developed a growth in that area, which could be a reaction to the implant or a cancerous tumor. I would appreciate your help in making Whoopie feel better as she recovers from her surgery and deals with the infection/tumor. I love her so much." ~Shelly

RESULT: 03/18/05 "Just wanted to let you know that Whoopie is in very good spirits, and was asking for her kibble last night! It's too soon to let her eat crunchy foods, but we thought this was a very good sign! Thanks a lot for your help!!" ~Shelly

Michele in Soquel, CA writes about her dog, Cory

SUBJECT: "Hi Rosemary, I am very interested in a healing for one of my animal companions, my dog Cory. She is a black and white Cocker spaniel, born in June 1990. She is having a number of health problems -- primarily her teeth and ears, along with a few growths. The vet is recommending two surgeries -- one for her teeth and another more serious one for her ears. I am not feeling good about putting her through the surgeries, but I trust the Vet and this is a second opinion. Based on his assessment, her teeth and related infections would be the lesser of the two surgeries, and still might offer some relief, so I will schedule that one first. Cory's ears have been chronicly infected over her life (I understand it is common in Cockers) but apparently she has excessive bone which is now closing up the ear cannal, which would then trap the infection. The procedure he is recommending is called "ear ablation". I am not comfortable doing this procedure right now -- the Vet is telling me however, that in another 6 months or so, it may not be an option. My main concern is to give her the best quality of life for the time she has remaining and pain control. I would like to have help with managing her pain and getting her ready for surgery. Thanks very much for any help." ~Regards, Michele

UPDATE: 5/03/05 "Hi Rosemary, Cory had her teeth cleaning in March and they ended up not having to do any extractions. She did very well and it seems to have helped her quite a bit. I decided not to have her ears done at this point, as she seems to be doing better." ~Michele

Nova in Wyoming writes about her dog, Dory

SUBJECT: 03/29/05 "Dory has behavioral problem from abuse as a puppy, she gorges and then vomits. Have to feed her by hand a little at a time"

RESULT: 04/01/05 "Dory is doing better. We also got some advice to put yogurt in her dog food it helps with digestion. She's had a good week with no vomiting. I have also found the whippets have a problem with dry dog food expanding in their neck & chest (most dog food doubles in size) which also may induce vomiting. I think between your help and the yogurt she is a lot better. Thank you so much and I think we'll do another session in a week or two." ~Nova Simons

Tascha in British Columbia writes about Cedar, her dog

SUBJECT: 4/14/05 "Cedar is 3 years old and male. He is a border collie x nova scotia duck tolling retriever. His right ear is in a state of chronic oozing of wax and pus. His eyes weep occasionally. He came into my care at 6 months of age. Prior to that I know he was abused and neglected. He's my best pal and I love him dearly. I am so excited to try this method of healing." ~Tascha

RESULT: 4/15/05 "Thanks so much Rosemary and to the divine energies. I suspected you were working on Cedar this morning. He became very groggy and lethargic. A bit like he had had some anesthesia. He seems very relaxed and not as high strung as normal. He is normally a very active dog, so much so that he will literally drag me out of bed to go for a walk. Now he seems a bit more mellow which is nice because he seems less anxious. He always needs to be first out of the door, first on his walk, and that seems toned down. Of course I can't say about the ear just yet. I will be in touch. I think I read somewhere that reiki can be performed only once with lasting effects. Do you do multiple treatments? Thanks again, I really appreciate your help!" ~Tascha

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