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There's just a little information I need in order to
arrange your healing session.

Please e-mail me with the birthname of the Reiki recipient, date of birth, and the city and state, or country, where they are located.

These healings are offered for $35.00 a session.
For payment, click the button below,
please e-mail

 About 15 minutes before your appointed time, it is helpful to relax and remove yourself from your activities so you will be more receptive to this energy. You may sit upright, but it is preferable if you can lay down . It's important to be comfortable while you receive your healing. Be sure not to cross your legs and place your arms to your sides. You might like to play some soothing music while receiving your healing. If you are pleased with your treatment, I would enjoy hearing about your experience and encourage you to e-mail me at : )

We sincerely hope you enjoy your session and receive the
healing you hope for and more!

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