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Denise writes about her friend, Gracie

SUBJECT: "Rosemary - My horse Gracie is lame and I am getting ready to show her this weekend at the Cow Palace Grand Nationals.  It is her right front leg and I don't see anything wrong with it. Can you please help her?"

RESULT: "Rosemary - You were right on the button with your information when you said to look at her coronet band.  As I was washing her, I check it thoroughly and found a lump on the back of the hoof in the coronet band.  I am not sure if it is going to abcess, but I will keep an eye on it. Results -  She took first in her class this weekend, thanks to you.  She never abcessed and the limping is gone.  Thanks for all your help."

Linda in Los Angeles, CA writes about her horse, Rusty

SUBJECT: 6/01/05 "Hi, Rosemary, Back again! My gelding Rusty is a 10 year old chestnut Morgan. I would describe him as a very, very sweet, kind, gentle horse, and very, very emotional. I have felt a very strong emotional link to him since I got him, quite unlike any other horse I've ever had before. I get a strong feeling that he's had trauma in his past, that he takes things very personally, and has trust issues. He often comes up to me and buries his head in my chest and sighs. During our first year together, he had three very unusual "episodes." He was very calm one moment and then would suddenly get a look of absolute panic in his eyes and break out into a bucking fit that lasted for a couple of minutes. He acted like a lion had just jumped on his back. When I would catch him, he'd be shaking all over. He has had no episodes since that first year. At the end of the first year together, he foundered. We spent many long hours together as he went through the healing process. He recovered very well, and I was able to start riding him again six months after the founder. Periodically, he goes through abscessing, which is, I understand, a normal healing process to rid the body of the dead tissues from the founder. In between those periods, he is perfectly sound and I ride him often. Approximately six weeks ago he started showing signs of slight soreness. The soreness has slowly progressed to the point that he is quite uncomfortable now (and for the past week). This is the worst he's been since the original founder. He does walk around but very, very slowly. He's got at least three holes (drain holes) now in the toes of all four feet. Thanks for your help!!! ~Linda"

UPDATE: 6/5/05 "Good morning, Well, Rusty is definitely doing better!!!! He's moving around with a little more vigor. He was much better on Saturday, compared to Friday, and good on Sunday, but a little bit sorer this morning. I noticed on Saturday morning that he was laying down, flat out, quite relaxed, for quite a while, which I'd not seen him do. I noticed that he was definitely not so tense in his flank area on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks again for everything!!! ~Love, Linda"

UPDATE: 6/13/05 "Rusty was slightly improved all last week, until Saturday, then a night-to-day change. He just started walking with no reservation. He even took a couple of trot steps on Sunday. In fact, I've been able to take him for walks around my neighborhood, which he really seems to enjoy, with no problem. Thanks again!!!!! ~Love, Linda"

Linda of Aqua Dulce, CA writes about Lilly, her horse

SUBJECT: 04/07/05 "Hi, Rosemary, Well, I need your wonderful services again. My mare foaled on March 25, 2005. She had a beautiful palomino filly named Lilly, with a perfect white blaze on her little face. Anyway, birth went well and both mom and baby are doing well until Tuesday of this week. The filly was running around the pasture and slipped and fell on her side pretty hard. She's been limping ever since, especially on her left front leg. There's no swelling, but she seems very stiff in her shoulder area. When she walks fast or tries to trot or lope, she is very gimpy. Also, she started getting the scours on Tuesday night and is pretty uncomfortable with diarrhea now, on top of everything else. Can you help?"

RESULT: 04/09/05 "Well, Rosemary, what can I say???? Unbelievable. She is doing soooooo much better. God has surely blessed you with an incredible gift!!!!! It was very interesting. She was so lame on Friday, she was laying down most of the time and very sore when she was up. Saturday morning, I went into the barn and she was lying down flat with all of her legs curled up, except the sore one. That leg was sticking straight out and very stiff. She was so quiet, at first I thought she was dead. I walked up to her and she didn't move. Finally, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and looked right at me, and then laid her head back down and closed them again. I was worried, so I forced her to get up. She jumped up and started to run around--no lameness! It made me wonder if she was receiving her treatment at that moment?? AMAZING! I've only seen her take one sore step since. She still seems a little hesitant to run a lot, but at the walk and trot, a HUGE improvement, and her manure is now normal now. How can I thank you? You are wonderful! May God bless you dearly!!~ Linda"

UPDATE: 04/21/05 "Hi, Rosemary, just wanted to update you. Lilly has been running around and playing and having a merry ol' time -- no sign of lameness!!!! THANK YOU!!! ~Linda"

The healer writes about Miss Dellfene, her horse

"Miss Dellfene was a quarterhorse mare that we owned. She was diagnosed with terminal lympho-sarcoma by the Univ. of California at Davis from a biopsy of one of the 26 visible tumors she had on her body. They said she probably had many more internally and was given six months to live. This is Dellfene, with her baby, 4 years later. She was sold without one visible tumor on her body and in foal. She had a healthy baby in Missouri and that is the last we know of her." ~Rosemary

Charlene in New Jersey writes:

SUBJECT: 02/28/04 - "My horse Wisdom Seeker is lame in his left leg. I live about 30 miles from where I have him stabled, so I asked my friend who lives closer to go over and ride him for me. The weather has been bad and he needed to get out of his stall and get some exercise. She must have not warmed him up enough, or just ridden him to hard or too long because he is now lame. Please let me know if you can help."

RESULT: 03/02/04- "Wisdom Seeker is doing much better and I have been able to turn him out in the arena where he can get exercise. I think I will be able to ride him shortly. Thank you for your help, I do believe your Reiki helped him heal quickly and kept me from incurring a lot of veterinary expenses with x-rays and all. " Thank you again, Charlene

The healer writes about an old doe

"Her hoofs are so overgrown she walks on the hock of her left hind leg. She appeared one day in the yard and could not use her right hind leg at all. This is a photo of her, after reiki, the next day, walking on her right hind leg. She limps a little, but is pregnant again and will need all the support she can get. She would stand under my bedroom window and just stare up at me everyday." ~Rosemary

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