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David Sheehan of Orange, CT wrote on 12/31/03:
"My dog (Blackie, a mixed lab, age 9 1/2) has recently been diagnosed with anemia and lymph node cancer."

UPDATE: 5/30/05 "Hello Rosemary, At the beginning of 2004, I had contacted you regarding Blackie, my black lab who had recently been diagnosed with lymph node cancer. She was put on medication soon after and showed great improvement. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your assistance, and also to tell you that nearly 18 months after she was diagnosed (and given only about 3 months to live) she is still alive and well. A recent visit to the vet confirmed that the cancer seems to have pretty much disappeared from her neck, and she has no detectable lumps anywhere. While we believe the medication made some difference, it was not strong enough (according to the vet) to solely account for this miraculous recovery. This week she will be 11 years old and I am very grateful to you for helping that to happen. I would like to make a donation to your practice for your time and efforts, Thank you again,
David Sheehan (Connecticut)

ORIGINAL RESULT: 12/31/03- "Blackie is more responsive. She seemed slightly more up tonight even enciting some rough housing for the first time in a few weeks.
I think this is a good sign."

Follow-up: 4/6/04- "Just wanted to update you; Blackie and I are doing good. Her energy level and appetite are still stronger than ever, which can be something of a nuisance at times.:-) But she's doing quite well. Thanks again for your help!"

Linda of Aqua Dulce, CA writes about Lilly:

04/07/05 "Hi, Rosemary, Well, I need your wonderful services again. My mare foaled on March 25, 2005. She had a beautiful palomino filly named Lilly, with a perfect white blaze on her little face. Anyway, birth went well and both mom and baby are doing well until Tuesday of this week. The filly was running around the pasture and slipped and fell on her side pretty hard. She's been limping ever since, especially on her left front leg. There's no swelling, but she seems very stiff in her shoulder area. When she walks fast or tries to trot or lope, she is very gimpy. Also, she started getting the scours on Tuesday night and is pretty uncomfortable with diarrhea now, on top of everything else. Can you help?"

RESULT: 04/09/05 "Well, Rosemary, what can I say???? Unbelievable. She is doing soooooo much better. God has surely blessed you with an incredible gift!!!!! It was very interesting. She was so lame on Friday, she was laying down most of the time and very sore when she was up. Saturday morning, I went into the barn and she was lying down flat with all of her legs curled up, except the sore one. That leg was sticking straight out and very stiff. She was so quiet, at first I thought she was dead. I walked up to her and she didn't move. Finally, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and looked right at me, and then laid her head back down and closed them again. I was worried, so I forced her to get up. She jumped up and started to run around--no lameness! It made me wonder if she was receiving her treatment at that moment?? AMAZING! I've only seen her take one sore step since. She still seems a little hesitant to run a lot, but at the walk and trot, a HUGE improvement, and her manure is now normal now. How can I thank you? You are wonderful!
May God bless you dearly!!
~ Linda

Linda from Los Angeles writes regarding her dog Loafer:

02/09/05 "My purpose in contacting you is to ask you to do a healing on my dog. His name is Loafer, a Saint Bernard age 8. He's had arthritis in his front elbows and ankles for about 4 years. I've noticed for the past few months that he's had trouble getting up, but attributed that to the arthritis in his front legs. However, this morning HE COULD NOT GET UP AT ALL! I kept encouraging him, and he finally was able to get up, but kept shifting his weight from one hind leg to the other and finally laid back down, whimpering. My husband is out of town. Loafer weighs about 170 lbs. I cannot lift him to get him into the car to take him to the vet. With my personal experience in relief from pain using Reiki, I just know that Reiki will help him. Thank you sooooo much for anything that you can do."

RESULT: 02/10/05 "Rosemary, thank you so much for helping Loafer. He was slightly better last night after your treatment. I was able to back my car up to a ledge that I was able to walk Loafer off of directly into the back of my car. I took him to my local vet and left him, so they could run tests, including an x-ray and blood work, and they found that his arthritis is progressing and is now in his spine and his hips. Since taking him to the vet this morning, he has continued to improve, with no meds from the vet. They said he was able to get up on his own and was walking, very stifly, up and down the hallway. Vet wants to put him on meds tomorrow after the blood work comes back. I'd really rather not have him on allopathic meds, but don't want him to suffer either."

RESULT: 02/14/05 "Dear Rosemary, well, Saturday morning Loafer got up in one fluid movement---slow, but fluid, and walked and then trotted back to the barn with me. He was wagging his tail and looking ever soooo much better. What a HUGE difference!!! You are incredible -- or Reiki is, I should say! How can I ever thank you? By this morning he was acting almost completely normal, jumping a little bit and barking at me as I'm getting ready to go out to the horses. GOD BLESS YOU for what you do!! Sincerely, thank you! ~Linda"

02/15/05 "Thank you so very much for your kind letter! Now I have tears in my eyes. This morning Loafer actually ran back to the barn!!!! My local vet finally called me yesterday!! to tell me the results of the blood work and say that he wanted to put Loafer on some very strong anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. I told him how Loafer was and what I had done and that I didn't want to put him on drugs. He was "silent." Unbelievable!! I'm sooo very thankful that through my disgust and utter disappointment with conventional medicine that I have been able to find such wonderful, caring people as yourself. God is truly GREAT! Thank you again so very much! Linda"

Mike from Tujunga, California, had this request:

01/18/05 "...anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. I also have swelling behind my left knee. I injured it originally when I was 11 or 12 but over time it has become worse. I've had 2 surgeries on it, the last one being about 6 or 7 years ago and about a year ago it became swollen on the back side behind the knee (not from an impact or anything that I remember) and hasn't gone down. It has not been checked by a doctor recently but, I was told on my last surgery that I would need to have another surgery about every 5 years because of how bad the joint is. I can feel bone chips floating around in there now and maybe the swelling is holding some in place so as to not cause more damage....but I don't know."

RESULT: 01/18/05- "Rosemary, thanks for the session. Here's what I experienced: Prior to starting I was in a poor mental state of mind, but I laid down approximately 5 minutes prior to the start time. As soon as it started I felt a little relaxed and some warmth come over me. I saw the color green in my mind and then purple...I'm partially color blind but that's what the colors looked like to me. I then felt very relaxed and had the sensation that some pressure was being taken off of my torso area. It scared me, only for a second, and then felt very pleasant, like I was rid of something or that it was easier to breathe. I also felt some burning in my knee but nothing too uncomfortable. I was extremely tired afterwards and ended up napping for an hour! I now feel calm and relaxed. I would love to hear about what you saw and what it all means. I would also like to schedule my next appointment.
Thanks again, Mike"

Lee from Rockville, Maryland:

01/16/05 "I have been feeling very tired, a lot lately...and sleeping a lot..which makes me get down on myself for being unproductive and guilty for not exercising...then I get depressed and anxious from something else. It must be on an unconscious level...What do you think?"

RESULT: 01/18/05- "Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday...The session was great! I felt very relaxed and had some odd childhood memories surface...and did feel your presence there. The most distinctive thing that occurred was a "musty" odor that immediately took me back to an early child hood memory of me hiding in my basement between two stacked chairs...I was crying about, I don't know what, and could see the sun shine through the basement window...I had a really good day today. Felt great and had manifestations in the physical world of things I've wanted...almost like magic...These things don't make me happy, but they do show me what power we all have...Oh, and the point of the session...I felt happy all day, not ecstatic, but very content...and not sleepy at all! Thank you again, and I'm sure I will want to do again as soon as you think would be appropriate... " Lee

Request from Dawn from Modesto, CA:

01/17/05 "First puppy I want to help, is a longcoated, Black and White, Chihuahua puppy girl that I call ‘Betty Boop’. She had what I think is a severe vaccine reaction, with status seizures and is still quite debilitated. She is very weak and probably has some lasting seizure activity and damage."

RESULT: 01/18/05- " " She improved quite a bit last night after you worked on her. We think the seizures are healed. She's eating and drinking on her own, the first time in over a week. Thanks so much, Dawn"

Fiona with best friend Molly in Sebastopol, California

01/02/05 "Our golden retriever, Fiona 13, has a tumor, and is scheduled for surgery this Wednesday. The tumor is fast growing. She is in pain and the tumor abscessed and is open. She needs help going in and outside. We have to keep her from licking the wound with bandages or a collar. She isn't walking around much, so her leg muscles aren't getting the exercise they need. She is truly a sweet, loving soul, one of the few loves of my life."

RESULT 01/02/05-
"Thank you for your quick response. Just a couple of minutes ago she got up and walked over to me (pushed the ornament boxes aside) and wagged her tail! I thought she was thanking me for the yummy breakfast, but maybe she was picking up on your work and
communicating to me."

"Just wanted to let you know that this morning, when Fiona went outside, she came back up the stairs without help. She hasn't done that since they took the biopsy over a week ago. My husband has been having to hoist her up the stairs. She is doing a lot better than before." Thanks, Connie

Follow-Up: 01/05/05- "Fiona pulled through the operation with no emergencies. They had to excise a lot, but said all her vitals were good. They phoned and said she's sitting up already. She'll be there overnight, then we'll bring her home." Connie

Reiki sent to Princess the cat after her colon surgery:

"Hi Rosemary! I received your email about Princess' Reiki session. I was sad to hear that you felt an incredible sadness during the session. That is something I always worry about, whether or not Princess is happy here. (We are her third owners and she is only 3 years old) I try to give her a loving home and I do spoil her rotten! Hee Hee!

Since your reading, Princess has improved immensely! When I wrote you she wasn't eating or drinking and we had to force feed and hydrate her. She was very lethargic and slept all the time. She has made such progress and now eats and drinks on her own and is even playing again! Thank you so much for working on Princess! We love her so much and are very happy she is doing so much better now! She is almost back to her old self!
With much thanks, Katherine"

Reiki sent to Rolla on Saturday 12/27/04. She asked me
to work on her neck, shoulders, lower back and knee pain from an automobile accident.

RESULT: 12/30/04- "Hello Rosemary, after the session I felt very refreshed and that a load was lifted from me. I guess it was the energy that wasn't mine. As for any pain in my back or shoulders, none for now but comes up sporadically. Thank you very much for taking time to do this for me. I can't wait to find a class and a good teacher to teach me this."

Vicki in Southern California had this request:

12/11/04 - "Angel is a silver and white persian. However, I should point out that she recently had much of her hair shaved off at the vets for the IV. After an ultrasound on Tuesday, she was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. The vet said due to her heart walls thickening her blood was not flowing as it should and her heart pumps much harder and faster than it should. She also appeared to have a blood clot near her heart that could dislodge at any time, which could lead to much pain and even paralysis of her back legs. Her lungs are filling up with fluid and she is having a very difficult time breathing. Angel is extremely lethargic and rarely gets up except to eat a little food or go to use the liter box. She is not able to play anymore. The vet said that even with the meds and a special low sodium diet, the max she would live is 3 weeks to 3 months. Angel is currently on Lasix, Atenolol, and Aspirin, though I haven't really noticed any changes since starting the med regime. I love her very much, and hope that she is receptive to the healing. I have read the testimonials on your web page and am hoping for the best." Thanks again, Vicki

RESULT 12/19/04- "Angel is eating and playing quite a bit. I actually have to try to deter her from playing as much and as hard as she does for fear she is overdoing it. She has already passed the 3 week mark of her life expectancy so I am hopeful!" Thank you, Vicki

01/12/05- "Hi Rosemary, Angel is still with us. She is doing quite well actually. I don't think she will be passing over to the other side anytime soon. Sometimes she seems almost completely better, but then I remember she has a heart condition. It is now past the one month mark, so I remain hopeful! Her health has most definitely progressed instead of declining. I will probably purchase another healing for her in April before I leave on vacation, I worry about her when I am not here and think it would put my mind at ease since I will be gone for a week." Vicki

Peter from Surrey, UK writes:

12/05/04- "Jasper has developed what the vets have called Vestibular Syndrome (an ear infection), which affects his balance and climbing stairs going out in the dark for walks. Jasper also suffers from Seizures-Epilepsy, could you help this too. He has been unwell for 3 weeks now and the vets have given him a 6 week course of antibiotics of which he is half way through. "

RESULT: 12/09/04 - "We have noticed a change in Jasper mainly in his energy levels and character - more like his old self, he is also sleeping very calmly at night. Now he is a bit better in the dark and he plays and eats well too." Thank you for your help.

01 /10/05-
"I have paid for another session for Jasper, he is in good spirits generally and enjoys his food and walks well in the daylight. He is responding, we feel, to your sessions, and this time would like you to maybe work on keeping his ear infection and balance under control." Peter

Rebate is 16 and riddled with tumors. He could not stand up and eat without falling over. His owner was going to have him put to sleep today.

RESULT: 11/23/03-"Just had to tell you.. Bob and Pam went for a trail ride today on their horses. They said the strangest thing happen. Rebate went with them! He hasn't gone with the horses in Years. The tumors have made it too difficult for him to go. It was funny, I looked at them and said "ROSEMARY!" They said that was probably it. My sister wants you to do a session with her now... Seriously!
Rebates Happy Owner"

Follow-up: 11/05/04- "Well, it has been one year since I spoke with you and Rebate is still with us and getting around fine, just thought you would like to know."

Pamela of Toronto wrote:

10/30/04- "I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 6 years very severely, with persistent neurological problems and pain. I have also experienced much loss and grief in the past few months which has dealt me a considerable setback."

RESULT: 11/04/04- "Many thanks for your kind and generous Reiki giving. I felt a warm sensation throughout my body and immediately became relaxed. My cat came up to me immediately and nuzzled his head into my hand. What I find really interesting is your perception of trauma to the left side of my body. This has always been my weaker side, first kidney stones and the worst of the neurological symptoms from my head to my foot. My chiropractor yesterday said that he could feel my entire left side was lopsided, the muscles, nerves and now my posture. "

Follow-up: 11/10/04- "That Thursday I felt fine, the following two days I felt more tired than usual. However, after those two days, I have experienced greater energy than ever, esp. considering the time of the month for me (PMS) when I am usually much more tired. I also have been feeling much more positive and have been processing events of my recent trauma more calmly. So, all in all, a huge thank you! I told my Mum about you and she was so impressed (and also noticed my increased strength and energy) that she has offered to pay for a couple of more sessions with you. I am delighted.
Love and light, Pamela"

RESULT after another session: 11/18/04- " The level on which you worked today I feel is vital to my being able to move forward from the past 6-7 months of my life which have been traumatic - and I do feel more and more understanding and settled within. I could feel immediately when the energy you were sending started and the exact moment it finished - something which was more unclear last session. Also, I felt a deep shift happen in my consciousness where I 'dropped' a few levels - something similar to what happens when I do Transcendental Meditation - and it felt deeply relaxing and immensely good. So I thank you again Rosemary - I appreciate so much your work, and the Reiki. Generally, since our last session two weeks ago I have had much greater and sustaining energy - which is marvellous :-) Love and light to you, Pamela"

Dana of Newport Beach wrote:

10/27/04- "Your testimonials are wonderful! I scheduled an appointment for Alexis. She is 9 years old and is a beautiful Silver Tipped Persian. We've had some recent problems with Alexis not using her cat box of which there are two in our home. My wife and I are very interested to see if you might be able to help us with this matter. She also at times has developed urinary tract infections but the recent tests show she has none. She has a clean bill of health from our vet and they suggested a therapy clinic run by UC Davis. We live in Newport Beach (Southern California) and don't know whether this is something you might be able to assist us with and if this can be handled without traveling up north. We look forward to your response."

Also: "Hi Again, I’ve also signed up for a session for my wife Linda who fell about a month ago and broke the humorous bone in her left arm. It seems to be healing nicely but she continues to be in a lot of pain and discomfort."

RESULT: 10/31/04- "Alexis has used her cat box the past two days completely. She appears to be a bit more relaxed. I’m certain that whatever you sent her way is working. Again Rosemary, thanks so much for caring, and your help with both Linda and Alexis."

Follow-up: 11/05/04- "Hi Rosemary, Just a quick note to let you know Alexis has been using her box all the time now. So far so good!! Thanks so much for your help. I’ll keep you posted. ~Dana"

Lisa in Marin County, Ca. wrote:
"The cardiologist said Arielle has a severe mitral valve prolapse. In the sonogram you could see the prolapsed valve and the blood pouring back through the valve. She was not very positive about the prognosis.   She is  being treated with homeopathy, but I'm not convinced she's on the right remedy. Last night Arielle had a bad night. Her breathing was up around 60 breaths a minute (for dogs, 10 to 30 breaths is normal). She is on Lasix, a diuretic, to clear the fluid out of the lungs,
but it doesn't seem to be working very well.
Her appetite is down and she is thin. I'm worried about her.

RESULT: 9/15/04- " I just wanted to tell you that Arielle is doing MUCH better. She has both her energy and her appetite back. I took Arielle and Lily (my other whippet) to the park yesterday and Arielle actually ran and romped!  She hasn't done that in several weeks. She seems really happy and perky—the spark in her eyes is back. Her breathing is settling into the 20's (per minute). At one time her breathing was in the 50's, now it's in the 20's most of the time, which is within normal range.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the healings and advice. I really think it has made a difference!
Much love and many blessings, Lisa"

Jeannette from Ramona, California:

9/15/04 - "Part of my emotional wound is growing up feeling I didn't belong and having my voice not heard. I feel angry about being stifled and now I am in a marriage with a husband who grew up with similar issues. I don't want to be stifled again. I can't waste anymore time, and while I want to give him a chance to grow, I don't want to stunt my own growth. We will go to therapy together next week and see if our goals in life are compatible. I just recognize the seed of fear is clamoring at my door. I do wish to heal these emotional wounds. I finished my residency in pediatric training a year and a half ago, and would like to continue my journey in life as healer and be of service to others."

RESULT: 01/06/06- "Thank you :) I felt lots of things: a wave from my right sweeping over to my left with a rainbow like image, I felt at some point my body in some sort of vortex ... hard to explain..., at times cold and warm and tingles; I felt this weight across my chest, my heart beat faster in the beginning too, at another point my arms jolted and I saw rings of light in my forehead, and at the end I experienced pain on the right side of my neck and it was associated with a kind of breath... and then I saw the time and it was around 11. Many images came to mind, in the middle of the session I went into that state of half awake- half asleep and the time flew by....."

01/08/05- "I just read your message and wanted to give you a hug. When I read your message it all made sense. You are right on. I know I will need to read and reread your message often so that deep understanding may occur and healing takes place. Thank you for your sincere and heart-felt response."

01/13/05- "My life has once again changed! Everything is shifting and transforming. I do see clearer with my heart. My marriage has grown as well. I was really scared to own up to my heart's feelings but when I did, and when I thought everything would be shot to pieces, it all resolved itself. Now I understand better what you meant about intent and healing and the heart. And, I am more comfortable with Reiki because it truly is a gift from the universe. Meditation makes more sense now. Thanks a million! Thank you for being a surrenderer." Love, Jeannette

Reiki session sent to Judy. Judy was seen by Randy Johnson 's doctor in Phoenix (the pitcher for the Diamondbacks) and was told she needed surgery on her shoulder.
This was her experience for her first Reiki session.

"WOW! Well, I had some strange sensations... First I got two sharp pains in my heart and than on the shin of my left leg. Then I smelled a fragrance that I had never smelled before. It came and went all through the half hour. I got real cold and then there was like a breeze that went over me. With my eyes closed I saw a big yellow sun surrounded in sherbert green. My arms wanted to cross. Really had to fight not to let them. Than my right ear started to itch. My shoulder feels pretty good right now. And my migraine that was on the right side of my head is very light. I do feel very restful right now... ~Judy"

Allan in San Francisco writes:

8/08/04: "Tarzan, my Cat - problems are inflammation and thickening of the intestinal walls, some kind of mass in the lower abdomen; He hasn't eaten in 6 days and is vomiting everything I try to feed him."

RESULT 8/08/04- " I don't know exactly what time you worked on him, but I picked Tarzan up around 4:35 when company came over and he was surprisingly relaxed with being picked up, even purring which, although not totally unlike him, he hasn't wanted to be picked up at all lately."

"Hi Allan - Yes, I was working on Tarzan as you were moving him.
I started at 4:10 and finished at 4:40. ~Rosemary"

Follow-Up: 08/10/04- Yesterday Tarzan began eating for the first time in 8 days and with one exception has managed to keep his food down!

08/12/04- I am sending payment for a second treatment for Tarzan. He is getting better each day.I think this would be a good time to support his continued progress. He eats more each day and tonight he climbed stairs for the first time in 2-3 weeks. I'll keep you posted as to his progress but it certainly does seem he's turned the corner.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Sincerely, Allan"

Theresa broke her arm and it was put in a molded cast that could be removed. It has been over six weeks and it hurts her constantly. The doctor said he will have to operate. This was her response to her first Reiki session.

RESULT- "Rosita…I was laying down and I felt pinches on my arm and it does not hurt now...Also my knee is much better and the pain in my left side, that I have had for over a week, is gone now.
Thank you so much, Love, Theresa"

On her next visit to her doctor she was told: "I do not need the surgery. I am soo happy Rosita. It was going to be very dangerous because of my age!
Thank you, Theresa"

Ann in Ohio writes:

07/05/04- "Pain and discomfort lower back, knees, liver and digestive disorders for over 10 years."

RESULT: 07/09/04 - "I felt a warmth and also a tingly feeling. When I got up I felt good. I have been able to rest better at night. If I wake up I can go back to sleep and not toss and turn. I feel more at peace and have not been hurting like before. I feel better on the right side where my liver is. I would like to schedule another session. Thank you ever so much."

Julie in Canada writes:
06/17/04- "obsessive compulsive disorder…I have lot of nervous tics and disturbing compulsions from extreme abuse as a child."

RESULT: 06/20/04 - "Thank you for the session! It was relaxing and my obsessive thoughts are less persistent and less scary! I feel more positive and more self-confident." Thanks again for your help!!! Love and light, Julie xox

Follow-up session: 06/24/04-
"I became very relaxed during the session and fell asleep. I feel more secure and less alone and scared. I want to thank you for helping me! God bless you dear Rosemary. I’d like to schedule for next week for sure."

Bridget in Phoenix wrote:

4/12/04- Massimo is my cat and has been wobbley for the last two days. I took him to the vet and his ultra sound is okay and we are waiting for his blood tests, they are thinking kidney failure...I love this little guy and would love for a miracle and a healing.

RESULT: 4/30/04: Rosemary, Massimo is completely better. Thank you for the healings.

Rocio, of Nova Scotia, was treated for mercury poisoning:

RESULT: 3/13/04- "I am not sure how to describe what I felt yesterday. I felt 'tingling' in my liver and my legs, and saw something like an eye opening and looking at me. I also saw a light and felt shivering from the top of my head to my neck. I feel more relaxed. Our 13 yr old daughter has also been affected by mercury; she suffers from absence seizures. She has not gone longer than 4 or 5 days without a seizure, sometimes two in one day."

Follow-up: 3/26/04- "Nerea is doing much better now, she has not had any seizures in 13 days!"

Pam, in Arizona writes:
"My medical problem is that I have two small tumors near my spine in the proximity of the last four discs of my lower back. The doctor will be repeating an MRI in about two months to see if they have grown."

RESULT: 2/12/04, 12:07 pm- "What a pleasant experience! . I began to feel calm, however my hands and feet became heavy. I felt a presence in the room. Soon I began to feel a slightly warm feeling in the lower portion of my back. I also felt a throbbing in my left leg. I didn't tell you that I have a pinched sciatic nerve that runs down my entire left leg. This has been caused from three herniated discs in my back, and was the reason I initially went in for an MRI; which exposed the two tumors. I felt very refreshed, similar to the feeling one has after a short nap."

Follow-up: 2/12/04, 4:54 PM- "I didn't want to commit it to sound by telling anyone yet, but I have had the best day yet. Hardly any pain at all! You've made a believer out of me. I must admit at first I was a bit of a doubting Thomas."

2/27/04- "I truly feel that you have done wonders for my back pain. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I'm eager to see the results on my next MRI. I have good feelings that the tumors will be smaller. You're terrific!!! ~Pam"

Marina Viani of Rosario, Argentina sent this:
"I'm back from the hospital. I'm in a lot of pain. They took out two cysts in my right overy, a hernia, scar tissue, adhesions and a lot of endometriosis."

RESULT: 1/28/04- "After last night the pain has been better!!!!!! (I had a lot of it)........What a relief!!!! My right side and my bladder were killing me but today is better. I just walked a little bit.
Can you tell me if you felt something? Thank you, Marina"

Follow-up: 2/10/04- "Dear Rosemary, I'm writing you to let you know that I'm doing better, I'm walking a little bit and to thank you because I believe you have helped me a lot. Thank you Rosemary!"

Miss Dellfene

"Miss Dellfene was a quarterhorse mare that we owned. She was diagnosed with terminal lympho-sarcoma by the Univ. of California at Davis from a biopsy of one of the 26 visible tumors she had on her body. They said she probably had many more internally and was given six months to live. This is Dellfene, with her baby, 4 years later. She was sold without one visible tumor on her body and in foal. She had a healthy baby in Missouri and that is the last we know of her." ~Rosemary

Charlene in New Jersey writes:

02/28/04 - "My horse Wisdom Seeker is lame in his left leg. I live about 30 miles from where I have him stabled, so I asked my friend who lives closer to go over and ride him for me. The weather has been bad and he needed to get out of his stall and get some exercise. She must have not warmed him up enough, or just ridden him to hard or too long because he is now lame. Please let me know if you can help."

RESULT: 03/02/04- "Wisdom Seeker is doing much better and I have been able to turn him out in the arena where he can get exercise. I think I will be able to ride him shortly. Thank you for your help, I do believe your Reiki helped him heal quickly and kept me from incurring a lot of veterinary expenses with x-rays and all. " Thank you again, Charlene

Old Doe

Her hoofs are so overgrown she walks on the hock of her left hind leg. She appeared one day in the yard and could not use her right hind leg at all. This is a photo of her, after reiki, the next day, walking on her right hind leg. She limps a little, but is pregnant again and will need all the support she can get. She would stand under my bedroom window and just stare up at me everyday." ~Rosemary